Florida RV Consignments

Need to sell your RV but don’t want to do the advertising, phone calls and test drives with strangers?

Have you considered consigning your RV? Lakeshore RV Sales will handle the phone calls, test drives and the paperwork involved with the sale process. Give our trusted family owned business the opportunity to get your RV sold.

How does a consignment work?

Contact us at (863) 333-0913 to bring your RV in for a free evaluation. After inspecting your RV, we help you establish a fair market value. Our dealership is properly licensed and insured to sell your RV. We will provide consignment documents for your review. There’s no long term contract or hidden fees for consignment.

Should you choose our team to handle the sale we will spend the time required to research and market your RV. Our marketing team uses our own marketing plan to skillfully reach RV buyers through internet searches from across the country. We invest heavily in research and marketing technology to reach qualified buyers. It’s what we do and it works.

Buyers will come from all over Florida, all over the United States and even Canada to browse through our clean selection of RV’s. We have customers searching for an RV like yours right now. Best of all there’s no snow. We’re in a year round market for selling RV’s and buyers love to come here!

There are a lot of buyers with RV’s to trade. Why is it important to you we take trades? Because the buyer can buy your RV now, sell his trade, and save sales tax on the purchase. Plus, our team of professionals will arrange financing through our network of financial resources to close the sale quickly and smoothly.

Should your RV need service, we employ certified technicians to make necessary repairs prior to the sale. We can even pick up and transport your RV if necessary. When the sale is completed, we trade a check for title or we can assist you with a loan payoff.  To get your RV sold just contact us at (863) 333-0913 now!

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